It sounds easier than it really is. To complete an online search, you type in one or more terms in the search field and will be directed to websites with the corresponding information already. However, this procedure does not always lead you to the desired outcome. For this reason, you must use the advanced search, which basically consists of single characters or commands, in addition to entering a keyword or keyword combinations.

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The advanced Search Forms

If you use such search operators and optimize the search in this way, you save a lot of time and nerves in the long run. Whether at work, while studying, at school or for personal purposes – the forms on already contain the search operators of an advanced search. The more effectively you use these forms, the faster you will get precise answers to your search queries.

Refined Search

The search operators of the advanced search work according to the principle of: “The more exactly you define your search, the more quickly you will receive clear search results.”. If you use these search operators and refine your inquiry with a number of search terms as well, your chances of finding a 100% hit during your online search will increase.